VMIAC lifts consumer voices in response to legislation, policy, service development and other aspects of the mental health system to ensure it is accountable to them.

We have played a vital role in areas such as:

  • Promoting the human rights of consumers and system survivors
  • Advocating for better consumer outcomes in the NDIS
  • Supporting consumers writing submissions to/or participating in the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System and the Disability Royal Commission


As the peak organisation for consumers and survivors in Victoria, VMIAC continually seek to influence government policies and sector practice through systemic advocacy and building mutually beneficial relationships. We use our policy platforms to raise awareness about how the mental health service and related systems impact consumers and the broader community, as well as advise on improvements.

VMIAC welcomes collaboration with other community led organisations such as disability organisations, First Nations Community Controlled Organisations, LGBTIQ peaks and culturally and linguistically diverse led organisations so that the specific needs of consumers with intersecting needs are also reflected in our work. We provide consumer led policy expertise to Government, policy makers, the mental health service sector, accreditation bodies, academics and the wider community to ensure positive policy changes are put into practice on the ground.

The work of VMIAC’s policy team includes:

  • Producing policy submissions
  • Writing discussion papers and reports
  • Undertaking community consultation and surveys
  • Participating in collaborative research and providing advice on service evaluation
  • Campaigns in the media and social media
  • Participation in government committees and other high level advisory groups
  • Advocating directly to politicians and ministers on consumer needs

VMIAC pre-budget and budget submissions

VMIAC pre-budget and budget submissions are submissions VMIAC has made to the state or federal government around how their budgets should support and fund mental health and wellbeing needs for consumers.

VMIAC Victorian Pre-Budget Submission (March 2024)

VMIAC policy submissions and platforms

VMIAC Policy Position Papers are positions VMIAC has formed on topics related to the mental health system and the consumer experience.

VMIAC Policy Position Paper #1: Compulsory Treatment here

VMIAC Policy Position Paper #2: Preventing and Responding to Violence, Abuse and Neglect here

VMIAC Policy Position Paper #3: Seclusion and Restraint here

VMIAC Policy Position Paper #4: Gender Discrimination and Inequality here

VMIAC Policy Position Paper #5: Sexual Safety in Psychiatric Inpatient Units here

VMIAC Policy Position Paper #6: Police Misconduct and Accountability here

VMIAC Policy Position Paper #7: Adherence to Mental Health Laws here

VMIAC Policy Position Paper #8: Discrimination & Mental Health here

VMIAC Policy Position Paper #9: OPCAT: Monitoring and Safeguarding Consumer Rights in Mental Health Services here

VMIAC Policy Submissions and Statements:

VMIAC Policy Submissions are responses made to consultations based on experiences consumers share with us or on our experiences supporting them.

VMIAC joint policy statements

VMIAC works regularly with other stakeholders and organisations to advocate for issues important to consumers, see some joint statements with others below

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