Advisory Group

The ‘Navigating My Way’ Project will be guided by an Advisory Group comprised of 10 people. The Group will meet approximately once every 2 months on a day and time decided by the Group (online or in-person).  

Each Advisory Group meeting will be facilitated by the Navigating My Way team. The meeting facilitators will bring project updates, prompts, questions for the group, and other tools to get the conversation flowing and to keep everyone on the same page about the project.

The Advisory Group will establish their own rules and guidelines around the parameters of the conversation and expectations, facilitated by the team. Participants will be able to contribute to the meetings as much or as little as they like and will be directed by the facilitators and shared group rules once they have been established. 

Advisory Group members will be paid $280.00 for every meeting they attend.

Members of the Advisory Group must: 

  • Be aged over 18 years
  • Live in Victoria
  • Have lived or living experience of psychosocial disability, mental ill health, or accessing mental health services
  • Have an interest in the NDIS either as a past, current or prospective participant, or interested community member
  • Commit to regular bi-monthly meetings with the group

Key dates 

Expressions of interest have now closed

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