VMIAC Feedback

VMIAC invites feedback (including compliments and complaints) through multiple methods to promote a fair, safe, transparent and accessible system of receiving and responding.

VMIAC, as a lived experience led organisation, wants to hear your feedback, and strives for transparency and accountability in everything we do. Please read our full Service Users Feedback and Complaints Procedure via the link below or keep reading to find out more about our feedback policies and process.

This system enables submission feedback by either an identified or anonymous person, by:

  • Speaking to any VMIAC staff member.
  • Filling in the VMIAC Feedback Survey or writing a letter and returning it in-person, via feedback boxes in office or by post to: PO Box 59, Somerton VIC 3062. 
  • Submitting the online form on the VMIAC Website
  • Phone VMIAC (03) 9380 3900

Responding to Feedback

In responding to any complaint, people working for VMIAC will ensure:

each complaint is handled respectfully, taken seriously, and investigated fairly.
• no retribution or discrimination results from the submission of a complaint.
• the resolution of complaints, to the satisfaction of the complainant, is a goal of the complaints process.
• responses to feedback and complaints are consistent and timely.
• independent and accessible mechanisms for submitting and resolving complaints are provided.

All Feedback will be acknowledged either written or verbally. It may be appropriate to contact a person who provided feedback to communicate (verbally or in writing) any changes made as a result of their information, to contribute to a positive relationship between the organisation and its clients/ stakeholders.

Compliments about a staff member or team will be acknowledged by the relevant senior manager and passed on to line managers and other staff as appropriate.

Additional Resources

You can read the full Service Users Feedback and Complaints Policy via the link below!

Simple English version coming soon

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