VMIAC Royal Commission Briefings

With the release of The Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System, VMIAC have prepared a number of briefings for our membership based on our readings and findings from the Royal Commissions final report. Each session will cover a particular theme/topic present within the report.

Meetings will be taking place every Thursday online from 4pm-5.30pm

Join us as we unpack the reports and discuss the report’s recommendations and their impact on consumers, VMIAC, and the future of Victoria’s mental health system.

These Briefings are now completed, thank you so much for everyone who took part.

Please select the date you wish to attend, and register via the linked Eventbrite!

218/03Governance of the System and Regional Implementation and what will be in each region for wellbeing and the missing middleTricia Szirom
325/03Consumer Workforce including consumer leadership at all levels of the systemNeil Turton-Lane
401/04Potential for a whole of government response to Social Determinants. Trauma and LGBTQIA+Tricia Szirom
508/04Abolishing the Mental Health Act and The Elimination of all forms of Violence Simon Katterl
615/04The Mental health impacts on Women: both in terms of safety and the need for different approaches to treatment (Postponed)Rebecca and Tricia Szirom
722/04The representation of cultural diversity and an acknowledgment that we are not a homogeneous societyLobna Rouhani
829/04Consumer led Research including an overview of the Collaborative Centre and the importance of different perspectives in the research areaTom Wood and Tricia Szirom
906/05NDIS the implications for those in NDIS and those who are not able to access that serviceNeil Turnton-Lane and Zoe
1013/05The Mental Health Impacts on Women:
1120/05Member questions answeredMaggie Toko and Tricia Szirom
1227/05Budget Summary
1303/05The Impact of TraumaTricia

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