NDIS Recovery Consultations

The National Disability Insurance Agency is seeking to align recovery support for individuals, with services provided under the NDIS. This relates to questions about how NDIS providers can best support the ongoing recovery of people with a psychosocial disability as articulated in the Recovery Orientated Practice Framework that the NDIA is currently developing. This is a welcome action by the NDIS, as many consumers’ experience of support provided by NDIS providers has up to now, been extremely mixed at best.

The NDIA’s Recovery Framework will provide guidance to NDIS Providers about the essential skills, knowledge, and abilities required by NDIS Workers in order to optimally support NDIS participants on their recovery journey. The NDIA recognises that recovery is a deeply personal nonlinear process and that everyone’s path to recovery is different and presents varied challenges and opportunities.

Hopefully, over time, this work will ensure that the NDIS is a safer more supportive, and understanding provider of support to people living with mental health challenges and trauma. 

To facilitate this, the NDIS will be holding a series of consultations with NDIS participants. Participation in these consultations is voluntary and will take place via facilitated online and telephone conversations held over a two-week period starting this week. Consultations specifically for  CALD, ATSI, and LGBTIQA+ Communities have been arranged alongside more General Consultations.  Bookings are essential and participants will be paid $75 for attending a session.

Please see the following attachments for more details:

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