YPARC Consultation

Late Notice Consultation!

Workshops for young people and their families, carers and supporters about the experience of YPARCs  

As part of the new reform of Victoria’s Mental Health and Wellbeing System, the Victorian Government is planning to reform and develop new youth accommodation services for at risk youth and their families.  

As part of this reform, the Department of Health is seeking input from families and consumers who have either:  

• Experience of using a Youth Prevention and Recovery Care (YPARC) residential home  


• Experience of trying to access a YPARC (but were not successful)   

Tandem and VMIAC are reaching out to services supporting young people and their family, carer or supporters who’ve used YPARCs for mental health reasons. We want to ensure young people, their families and carers connected to mental health and criminal justice system can participate in focus groups so that their voices are heard, and experience learnt from.  

Participants will receive $120 for the two hour focus group they attend.  

Please see below the dates and times of these focus groups – participants just pick one focus group to attend. There will be up to 8 people in each session.  

Monday 7th February1.00 – 3.003 – 5.00
Tuesday 8th February10 – 12 .00 
Thursday 9th February 9.00 – 11 .00
Friday 10th February9 – 1111- 1.00

How Do People Get Involved?

Young people can ask questions and sign up for a focus group by contacting Chantelle Higgs at VMIAC:  

chantelle.higgs@vmiac.org.au or via SMS and phone on 0421 938 154  

Parents, carers and friends of young people can ask questions and sign up for a focus group by contacting Amaya Alvarez at Tandem: 

Amaya.alvarez@tandemcarers.org.au or via SMS and phone on 0423 226 924  

Please contact us if you require any further information.

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