Local Services Consultation

Local Adult and Older Adult Mental Health and Wellbeing Services (Local Services) are a key part of the rollout of the Mental Health Royal Commissions Recommendations.

As part of this rollout, Local Adult and Older Adult Mental Health and Wellbeing Services would like to invite you to register to participate in place-based engagement forums for any of the first six Local Services locations:

  • Benalla,
  • Brimbank,
  • Frankston,
  • Greater Geelong,
  • Latrobe Valley and
  • Whittlesea.

Each forum will bring people and non-tendering services from the community together with local knowledge to advise on how Local Services can be tailored to reflect localised needs and aspirations.

Service providers planning to tender for the first six Local Services are not able to participate in the place-based forums to maintain the integrity of the competitive process. They are welcome to attend the sessions as observers, but they must declare themselves and register via a separate registration form.

Place based consultations will be facilitated by Capire Consulting and take place via Zoom at the following times and dates.

  • Benalla (including Wangaratta and Mansfield Shire): 22 November 2021 3-5.30 pm
  • Greater Geelong and borough of Queenscliffe: 23 November 2021 3-5.30 pm
  • Latrobe Valley: 24 November 2021 10am-12.30 pm
  • Frankston: 24 November 2021 3-5.30 pm
  • Brimbank: 25 November 2021 10am-12.30 pm
  • Whittlesea: 25 November 2021 3-5.30 pm

Please register via the Local Services Engage Victoria website.

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