Maggie’s Going Away Party

Maggie has been an amazing CEO and we are excited to be putting on a party to see her off.

We are calling all interested consumers and members to come down and join us on:

Tuesday 18th of May
3:00pm to 6pm
@ The VMIAC Warehouse

as we celebrate all the amazing things Maggie has done in her time at VMIAC, and all of the amazing things coming up in her future.

Join us for some food, some drink, some cake, some talks, and some music, as we all get together to farewell Maggie.

RSVP here via Eventbrite!

One thought on “Maggie’s Going Away Party

    Thanks for all the support from yourself and the VMIAC team. It has really given me hope and a sense of purpose for the future. Looking forward to meeting you in person.

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