Reflecting on the CHECK-IN peer support program

On Monday, the CHECK-IN Program had a final online session to reflect and celebrate all we have come to know and experience. Alongside CHECK-IN Participants, VMIAC Members, COM and Staff, we reflected on “What values of CHECK-IN will you carry with you?” and “How will you honour the stories of CHECK-IN?”

Some of the values mentioned were compassion, understanding, forgiveness, stigma reduction, being comfortable sharing, listening deeply, trust and care.

We finished the session by dancing to our favourite celebration songs.

We are excited to announce that the CHECK-IN team will be developing a Practice Wisdom Document, offering insight and learning to others in the lived experience workforce and broader community. We hope that this document, which will be shared later in the year, can contribute to the ongoing work of our community.

Although the peer support offered through CHECK-IN has come to a close, the life and learnings of CHECK-IN will live on.

The CHECK-IN Team would like to thank each person who contributed to the program over the past few years.

If you have any final reflections, images or words that you’d like to contribute towards our final Evaluation and Practice Wisdom Document, please email the CHECK-IN Team at

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