VMIAC is saddened to announce that the CHECK-IN program will end on 30 June 2023.

As a result, CHECK-IN is no longer taking referrals for one-on-one sessions.

Since mid-2020, CHECK-IN has positively impacted the lives of consumers, providing online peer support throughout the COVID-19 lockdowns in Victoria. CHECK-IN has built community, influenced the mental health sector, and shifted VMIAC’s way of working.

Please join us in a farewell and celebration of CHECK-IN’s achievements on Monday 29 May. Click on this link for more information on this event.

CHECK-IN is a peer-based connection, support, and self-advocacy program for VMIAC members. 

As people with lived experience of emotional distress and service use, we value your strengths, resilience, and skills. We practice mutuality, respect, and non-judgment. 

How do I know if CHECK-IN is for me?  

If you are a member if VMIAC, aged 18 years and over, based in Victoria, identify as having lived/living experience of emotional distress, and want to connect with others with lived experience, CHECK-IN is for you.  

The CHECK-IN program offers one-to-one peer support and group activities that support self-advocacy amongst people with lived experience of emotional distress. We support consumers in building their skills, knowledge, and confidence to undertake self-advocacy within the community. CHECK-IN is a space where people can connect with others with lived experience. Consumers can share their hard-won knowledge of navigating systems, advocating for themselves or others, with the support of carers, friends, family (biological or chosen). 

Who will I be speaking to?  

CHECK-IN is staffed by people with diverse life experiences of mental health diagnosis, use of mental health services and recovery. We take practices from intentional peer support, narrative therapy and therapeutic arts.  

What activities do you offer? 

Online drop-in sessions 

Drop-in sessions are available until 30 June 2023. Our weekly drop-in sessions include activities which build, support and sustain a community of self-advocates. The sessions occur on a rotating basis, including external facilitators and the opportunities for community members to be involved in co-facilitation. 

  • Week 1: Community Member Topics 

If you are a member of VMIAC, a person with lived experience and would like to get involved in assisting with these sessions through co-facilitation, please get in touch via email, or by calling 1800 845 009.  

  • Week 2: Arts Making & Conversations  
  • Week 3: Trauma Informed Yoga Practice. Joined by an external facilitator.  
  • Week 4: Monthly Social Meetup will occur on the 4th Monday of every month 1pm-3pm.  
  • Week 5: Our Values & Skills 

Download the PDF version of this calendar here

If you need additional support after working with the CHECK-IN program, we can assist you to find the best fit through external services.For emergency and crisis services, please call triple zero (000).

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For any additional information about this service, please contact VMIAC on 03 9380 3900, or to participate in the service, please call 1800 845 009.

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