Resilience, Strength and Tackling Racism with Young People of Colour

Are you a person of colour aged 16-20, passionate about racial justice, keen to improve your understanding and ability to discuss racial issues and want to build solidarity with other young people of colour?

Hue is hosting an online event for up to 50 young people, hosted by two young facilitators of colour. Funded by FYA’s Youth Action Project Grant Scheme, the day will include two of Hue’s renowned training programs: 101: Understanding Race & Racism and POC Power & Resilience. This event will be an amazing opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge of racial justice, and for meeting other incredible and passionate young people of colour.

This event is open to any young people between the ages of 16-20 who identify as Bla(c)k, brown, POC, BIPOC, Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander, or First Nations.

Register here via Eventbrite

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