VMIAC Endorsed Supported Decision Making Booklet

We have recently added an updated version of the Supported Decision Making booklet to our Publications page.

This resource was created and authored by Wanda Bennetts, Indigo Daya, Vrinda Edan, and Cath Roper, with edits by Alycia O’Keefe.

It is also endorsed by:

About the resource

The resource aims to provide a clear overview to help people know what they should expect from services, and to help clinicians know what they should provide.

It aims to answer the following questions:

  • What is supported decision making?
  • Where does supported decision making come from?
  • What are the other types of decision making?
  • What is shared decision making?
  • What is substitute decision-making
  • What about mental and legal capacity?

It also explores:

  • Underpinning principles of supported decision making
  • Changing our thinking
  • Supported decision making tools
  • Comparing supported and substitute decision making and more

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