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It has been amazing seeing the media attention VMIAC and rights of consumers voices have been receiving since the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System was released yesterday.

Ensuring that consumer voices are at the forefront of this discussion has been something we have been pushing for since this investigation started, and it’s amazing to see that hard work pay off.

As a result we have comprised a list of select articles, interviews and features from the news highlighting VMIAC, and VMIAC CEO Maggie Toko, and our perspectives and insights into what we need to see for the future of Victoria’s mental health system.

A two page spread in The Age (03/03/21)

Maggie spoke to Virginia Trioli on ABC Radio Melbourne prior to the Royal Commissions’ Final Reports release. You can find that interview here. Interview starts at 56 minutes and 45 seconds.

Maggie also made a quick cameo appearance in last nights 7pm ABC news report in regards to the Royal Commission. You can view that report here!

Besides the two page spread in The Age, The Age’s online publications also have written two articles referencing VMIAC and Maggie Toko.
The first article, on the reality of seclusion and restraint within the mental health system, can be found here!
The second article, on the government’s response to the Royal Commission, can be found here!

One thought on “VMIAC News Summary

  1. Hello
    Yes is terrific that more coverage of issues is being achieved. Maggie is a positive leader to do so and has been working hard with the staff.

    We ourselves however are still trying to be heard by vmiac itself. Our voice is seemingly falling on deaf ears. ☹️

    We wish to be included in the distribution of information again- was removed from email list, asked to be added back and was removed again and still haven’t been added back.-have asked a few times now over the last few months and still not been included.

    If something further our end can be done to be heard and included, please let me know.

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