What is Recovery: VMIAC Video Series

These videos are powerful and emotional insights into what recovery means to every individual and how people draw strength and insight from their lived experiences of mental health and wellbeing.


This video we talk to Simone about how you can’t change the past, but you can rectify the future.


This video we talk to Robin about building community and continuing to move forward.


This video we talk to James about how recovery is a process and not adestination.


This video we talk to Bryony about discovering yourself and walking your own path.

2 thoughts on “What is Recovery: VMIAC Video Series

  1. Thank you for your stories of hope. I am trying to survive right now and recovery seems impossible. I enjoyed all of these authentic stories x

  2. These are really excellent community resources. I’m a lived and living expereince peer worker and I’ve been using them to discuss recovery with residents at two of our mental health recovery programs. It’s actually hard to find resources as authentic and well considered as these. Thank you

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