About Us

VMIAC’s CEO is Maggie Toko

The Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council (VMIAC) was formed in 1981 during the International Year of Disabled Persons and was incorporated in 1986. 

In August 2016 it was passed at a ‘Special General Meeting’ to replace our existing Constitution with the ‘Model Rules for Incorporated Associations’, with one amendment to extend the sitting periods of the Executive and Committee members from twelve months to two years, therefore 50% of the committee will change every year. 

The Model Rules can be found by clicking here.

Our Vision

A world where all mental health consumers stand proud, live a life with choices honoured, rights upheld and these principles embedded in all aspects of society.

VMIAC Aims to achieve by:

  1. Honouring mental health consumer diversity
  2. Providing advocacy for mental health consumers
  3. Advancing mental health consumer workforce and leadership
  4. Delivering information and training to the community
  5. Enabling mental health consumer driven education and  research
  6. Developing strategic partnerships.

Our Guiding Principles

VMIACS’s work is premised on the following beliefs:

  • People’s experiences are respected and valued
  • People are experts in their own lives
  • People have a right to self determination
  • People have capacity to make genuine choices, free from coercion
  • People should be safe, respected, valued and informed
  • People’s diversity is embraced