Seclusion and Restraint: Report #2 and Position Statement

We are extremely excited and proud to announce the release of our Seclusion Report #2 (2020) and Seclusion and Restraint Position Statement.

The unnecessary and widespread use of restrictive practices such as seclusion in mental health treatment is an issue of major concern for our organisation.

In 2019, we wrote our Seclusion Report #1 to make information about seclusion more consumer friendly. We believe people have a right to know how safe their local hospital is.

This Seclusion Report #2 (2020) continues to service this goal by providing an updated snapshot of how often hospitals are using seclusion and other harmful/restrictive practices since the 2019 Report was released. We hope to continue encouraging accountability in Victoria’s public hospital system, as our Report shows that seclusion is still frequently used.

The Victorian Government must set a deadline to eliminate all seclusion and restraint in mental health services, and until they have been eliminated, hold mental health services publicly accountable for their use of these restrictive practices!
Help us #EndSeclusion

Click here to read the Report, Statement and to spread the message!

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