CEO Update with Craig Wallace


It’s so exciting for me to have started at VMIAC. What an amazing place. I’ve been spending my time so far meeting our brilliant staff and committee of management, and becoming familiar with all our programs and activities. There’s a lot going on and I am working hard to get up to speed.

I bring to VMIAC my lived and living experience of mental Ill health and recovery, and ten years of using that experience purposefully in my work. In addition, I will be drawing on my background in community psychology and my experience in government and non government organisations to inform my leadership of VMIAC.

My vision for VMIAC is, initially, to build on all the excellent work that has gone before me, from inspired and passionate staff, committee of management, and leaders, most recently Maggie Toko and Tricia Szirom. I stand on the shoulders of giants and remain eternally grateful for the opportunities which have been created. I have a strong interest in ensuring that VMIAC is a place that nurtures and celebrates our emerging leaders.

This is indeed an exciting time of reform, and it is a critical time for VMIAC, as we advocate for and with the consumers of Victoria. There’s a part for all of us to play in this and I’d love to hear what part you’d like to play, and/or what you think VMIAC should be doing.

Extending my best wishes to you all as we find ourselves once again in the challenging times of Victorian lockdown number five.


4 thoughts on “CEO Update with Craig Wallace

  1. Congratulations on your appointment. VIMIAC is such an important part of the reforms taking place in Victoria’s mental health system. Keep up the great work.

  2. Congratulations Craig on your new exciting role at VMIAC. I am really looking forward to seeing how things progress, especially given all the new reforms. I’d like to extend an offer of any support or information I can provide from a PHN perspective or from regional Victoria.

    With kind regards,

    Jo Rasmussen
    Acting Mental Health and AOD Lead
    Murray PHN

  3. So excited that you’re in this role Craig and I look forward to crossing paths at some stage. Congratulations

  4. Congratulations Craig!! I’m really looking forward to you bringing your wonderful sense of values and commitment to this role.

    Dr Catherine Brasier
    Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
    Social Work and Social Policy
    La Trobe University
    Lived Solutions

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