VMIAC Report on Barriers to Engagement with the Disability Royal Commission

Over the course of the Disability Royal Commission (DRC), we collected the feedback of consumers on the barriers they experienced throughout this process. VMIAC has compiled report that identifies several barriers to engagement with DRC for people with psychosocial disabilities including:

  1. Limited targeted promotion and public awareness of the Disability Royal Commission
  2. Difficulty using or accessing technology
  3. Lack of flexibility with Private Sessions
  4. Lack of flexibility around submission deadlines/late submissions
  5. The unique barriers created by the impact of mental health challenges and trauma
  6. The impact of other health conditions
  7. Language and self-identity – The concept of “psychosocial disability” is unfamiliar to many consumers and some don’t identify as being disabled
  8. Distrust of government systems and inquiries
  9. Negative prior experiences of engaging with the Mental Health and other Royal Commissions

You can see the full report is on our Disability Royal Commission page or download the report by clicking the button below.

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